The #1 Most Effective Way to Feel Worthy of Love & 
Give Unconditional Love to Others

31 Day Unconditional Love Practice

Is it worth your time & energy?

Well, I don't know, you tell me. Is THIS worth your time and energy...?

-> to finally feel you're good enough and worthy of love,
... exactly the way you are

-> to give the same unconditional love to your kids,
... while setting healthy boundaries

-> to become more resilient & stress resistant
...and stay calmer even in busy days

If you said YES to at least one of these, then register for free now:

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  •  Short, powerful daily exercises to practice unconditional self-love - delivered via email
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Meet Your Guide

Hi, I’m Alena!

To be fully transparent, I’m a bit of a hyper-achiever.
And I used to be proud of it because it got me where I wanted: from a girl in a small village in the Czech mountains, I got to leadership positions in the corporate world and lived & traveled around the world.

But after I became a mom, I realized those same strengths were killing my mental health.
I got stressed, frustrated, and resentful that I was not able to fit my daughter into the life I used to have.
And I realized I was doing all these things just to prove to myself and everyone else that I'm worthy. That I'm good enough.

I didn't want my daughter to grow up feeling she had to be the good girl and that she'd had to burnout to prove she was worthy... That's where my healing journey started.

And since then, I helped hundreds of burned-out moms stop yelling, and start loving themselves, perfectly imperfect as they are...

Learn more about me, what I do (and why my hair is so short) HERE.
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