"Voices" Assessment

  • Want to find out what voices are talking in your head, stressing you out,
  • ​and measure how strong they are,
  • ​so that you can start quieting them down?

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Meet Your Guide

Hi, I’m Alena!

To be fully transparent, I’m NOT a supermom, and I'm a bit of a hyper-achiever.

And I used to be proud of it because it got me where I wanted: from a girl in a small village in the Czech mountains, I got to leadership positions in the corporate world and lived & traveled around the world.

But after I became a mom, I realized those same strengths were killing my mental health.

I got stressed, frustrated, and resentful that I was not able to fit my daughter into the life I used to have.

And because my daughter has been my priority #1, everything else in my life started shifting and I was looking for the answers.

And in this mini training, I'm going to teach you exactly what I did to start and how I help thousands of women around the world to become supermoms without burning out.

Learn more about me, what I do (and why my hair is so short) HERE.
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