Learn the 3 Game-Changing Steps to 
Stop Yelling at Your Kids and Restore Peace at Home
... Even if you're busy working, 
and taking care of your kids and home without much help.
... Without memorizing parenting scripts.

The Zen Supermom System Will Help You:

Stop your anger, stress, and frustration from accumulating and bursting out on your kids (and others).
Without keeping it inside and getting physically sick or burned out...
Learn how to juggle work, kids, home, 1000 other things in the time that you have, without sacrificing yourself. 
Even if you're a single/divorced/expat mom, or you simply have no support 
and have to do it all by yourself.
Find out how to remove your 'buttons' 
so that no one can push them 
and make you feel:
- not good enough
- having to over-achieve 1000% to be worthy of love
- selfish/guilty for taking care of yourself
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